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Where Do We Come From And Where Are We Going? – (Ex Quo Nos Et Quo Vadis)

The motto of the university I attended is “Respice, Prospice” (looking back, looking forward) which became real for students during the turbulent years of Apartheid to the dawning of the New South Africa.  It served [...]

SARB 2015 – Selected Findings: The Constitution And Respect For Mother Tongue Language, Cultural Practices

During December 2016, South Africa will be celebrating 20 years since the Constitution was signed by former President Nelson Mandela at Sharpeville, Vereeniging. This document – the supreme law of our country - underpins the [...]

2016’s Message To Humanity – Building Inclusive Societies Matters More Than Ever Before

We have an ethical responsibility, one human to another, to take seriously the gut-wrenching developments of 2016 and together chart a new course of human rights, peace, justice and dignity. Trumpism. Brexit. Duterte. Putin. Assad. [...]

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